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It’s always nice to have a playlist for your workout. Not too long ago, carrying your playlist could also be your workout.

I came across this shot while going through my archives, looking for photos I haven’t shown before, and it seemed like a perfect fit for the weather we’re having.

Back in the early days of my career, I wasn’t making a lot of money, and I couldn’t spend much on vacations. I would just take three or four days off and head to the beach. Of course, I wasn’t ever completely off — I took my camera everywhere, including to the beach.

The beach provided a constant parade of people, walking between me and the water, and some of them were too interesting to ignore. Like these two guys. I don’t even know if they were together, but they make a perfect pair. The big guy strutting along, and the little guy carrying the music — which apparently requires some gym time.

I remember the song that was playing, ‘Some Like It Hot’ by Power Station. It was blasting, of course, using all four of those speakers, and I couldn’t help but wonder if cranking up that big, loud boombox was psychological compensation for being the little guy.

I shot this in 1985, in the summer, on Kodachrome slide film, which isn’t made anymore. I don’t suppose that particular boombox is made anymore either. 

Beach Boombox

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