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A charro or Mexican cowboy sitting on a horse

For decades, I’ve been capturing the soul of San Antonio on film. The photos I’ve taken have appeared in exhibits locally, nationally, and internationally, and they’ve been added to the collections of multiple museums, including that of the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.

Because these photos capture San Antonio, and its Mexican culture in particular, many businesses and private individuals have selected prints of them for their homes and offices.

Many of these photos have also been featured in books and magazines about San Antonio and about San Antonio's Mexican culture and experience.

Art Photography

Singer Rod Stewart performing

Rock and Roll

During the seventies, while still in high school, I started my career by getting backstage at major rock concerts. I built a collection of dramatic photos of rock legends like Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, and Rod Stewart.

A closeup of a cowboy sitting on a saddle

Mi Cultura

The Mexican American culture is a huge part of what makes San Antonio unique. Throughout my career, I've captured that culture on film -- the Mexican rodeo, our native Conjunto and Tejano music, street vendors, religious pageantry, poets, and artists.

A flower bouquet held in front of a woman's face

Fragile, Romance...

In 1996, I collaborated with poet gary s. whitford to produce a series of twenty-eight photos of flowers that are matched to verses of poetry and that — together — describe the beauty and fragility of romance. This gallery displays those photos as short videos.

Yellow squash in a bowl

Edible Immigrants

This series of images is different from others I have done. Most of my work has been in black and white or sepia but for this exhibit, the items invite the use of color. These foods, immigrating from Mexico, have been integrated into the life and culture of our country, adding to its richness.

The great wall of china with mountains in the background

Impressions of China

In November 2011, I joined four other photographers on a trip to China sponsored by UTSA and the China Photographers Association. We exhibited our images of Texas, and toured the country. Our images from that trip were exhibited at the Institute of Texan Cultures. It was an amazing trip.

A man with horns

Angels and Devils

The human community has long ascribed messages of salvation to angels, and times of torment to devils. Over a decade or more, I created these images, posing ordinary people, and working with local artists to craft costumes and tableaus. Then poet gary s. whitford wrote a lyrical message to articulate the meaning of each photo.

Two women

Faces of Resiliency

In July of 2020, I started a special project for San Antonio-based WellMed Medical Management, traveling to locations throughout Texas where WellMed provided palliative care, taking photos of patients and their caregivers.

My art photos are available for purchase. I hand print each photo using the best archival inks and papers -- materials that mimic a darkroom print.

Contact me for information on sizes and pricing.

See my exhibit at the Witte thru May 27, 2024 - Read More

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