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I’ve been documenting my hometown, San Antonio, for nearly fifty years. I started as a teenager, taking photos of rock bands, but I quickly transitioned to photos that represented San Antonio’s Mexican culture. I took photos of Conjunto and Tejano musicians, local artists, street food purveyors, Charreada riders, and ordinary people.

My work with Conjunto and Tejano musicians led me to working with Selena. My photos of Selena were used as cover art for her 1992 CD 'Entre a Mi Mundo’; as covers for several magazines, including 'Newsweek' and ‘People’; and hung as portraits in The Smithsonian.

I make my living as a commercial photographer here in San Antonio and South Texas, but I’m proud that my artwork has been exhibited in museums in Chicago, Houston, China, and generally throughout the United States and the Americas.

About Al Rendon


Over the years, my photography has been featured in magazine articles and news stories, both print and video. That's especially true of my work with Selena. I've collected some of that media here.

Exhibits and Books

My art photography has been exhibited across the Americas and published in more than a dozen books. Here's a listing of those exhibits and books.

Commercial Services

I make my living as a commercial photographer, taking photos of people, architecture, restaurants and their food, and San Antonio landmarks and events. I've put together some galleries of my commercial work.

Art Photography

My artwork has been widely published and exhibited. It has also been purchased by private collectors and businesses. I've put together some galleries of my work, which is available for purchase and licensing.

Explore this website to learn more about my work and to see galleries of my photos, both my commercial work and my artwork.

See my exhibit at the Witte thru May 27, 2024 - Read More

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