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I am a commercial photographer in San Antonio.

My photographs are used in magazines, on websites, in brochures, posters, and advertisements -- wherever a perfectly framed, perfectly lighted shot is needed.

I primarily take portraits, architectural photos, photos of restaurants and their food, and photographs of San Antonio events and landmarks.

My clients include major corporations, city government, non-profits, builders, local businesses, bands, museums, and magazine publishers.

If you have a project in mind, I'd like to talk with you about it.

Commercial Services


From actors, authors and artists to politicians, clergy and business leaders, I capture personality as well as profile. Most people do not like to have their picture taken. I work to get past the nerves. We shoot a lot of frames, but eventually, we get to that perfect moment when it’s the real you, looking your very best.


A building sits still better than a person, but when I am shooting for a magazine, website or promotion, it’s a portrait. Interiors need to be lit to catch the fine details and dressed to express the room’s personality. Exteriors need to be taken at the right time of day, from the right angle, to capture the building’s best assets.


Food needs to entice the viewer. I collaborate with the chef and restaurateur to organize a plate that shows off their creation, using the freshest, most colorful ingredients available. Together, we produce a juicy, mouth-watering image.

San Antonio

I take photographs of San Antonio and South Texas life for businesses, government, and community organizations. I've shot everything from Fiesta to Rodeo, from parades to music festivals, and everything in between.

I work with both large and small businesses, on both large and small projects. Please contact me directly to discuss your project.

See my exhibit at the Witte thru May 27, 2024 - Read More

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