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Every photo tells a story. That’s a popular adage, and, as a photographer I try to take photos that do tell a story.

But — as a photographer — I can also tell you that often, behind a photo, there’s yet another story.

Over the years, I’ve recorded some of the stories behind my photos. I did that for quite a while for The Rivard Report (now The San Antonio Report), and I currently do it for the Southtown online magazine, LNF Weekly.

I enjoy looking back at those stories and hope that visitors to my site will enjoy them, too, so I’ve collected them here. Click any one of the images to read the story behind it.

Stories behind the photos

My photos are available for purchase. I hand print each photo using the best archival inks and papers -- materials that mimic a darkroom print.

Contact me for information on sizes and pricing.

See my exhibit at the Witte thru May 27, 2024 - Read More

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