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As a downtowner, I‘ve been a regular patron of El Mirador for many years. You see a lot of familiar faces lunching in our Southtown restaurants.

On one particular day in 2004, I saw activist Rosie Castro, mother of Joaquin and Julián Castro having lunch with a friend. I introduced myself and gave her my card. Rosie recognized me, and she was very gracious. Julián had announced his candidacy for mayor after representing District 7 on City Council. He was an effective council member, and I had noticed her “boys” and thought they were becoming excellent contributors to our city.

In 2008, the twins had their own law office, and needed a photo done for an ad. Julián and Joaquin came to my studio on August,12 for portraits. I asked Julián if he was going to run for Mayor again, but he was noncommittal. He would later announce, and win his second run. I took a lot of shots that day, all kinds of expressions, individually and together, but this photo came out to be one of my all-time favorites.

I grew up in San Antonio on Texas Avenue and later on West King’s Highway in the neighborhood represented by Henry B. Gonzales where Rosie lived and raised her sons. So I have had a certain “favorite son” pride of the two men as they have grown up to be great catalysts for change and engaged our communities. Joaquin will speak this week at the Democratic National Convention. Julián has been a good Secretary of Housing, helping the most in need find affordable housing. I am looking forward to a future shaped by this good family.

San Antonio's Favorite Sons Shape a National Community

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