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Nan Cuba is an associate professor of English at Our Lady of the Lake University, founder and executive director emeritus of Gemini Ink, and author of Body & Bread, published by Engine Books.

This piece ws originally published in the San Antonio Report. The photo is by Al Rendon, the words are by Nan Cuba.


The definition of our city, San Antonio is predominantly Latino, but it has multiple influences. There are people of a variety of different ethnicities who begin to make their voices heard, and of course that’s what I hope for, what everyone hopes for, because of the richness that comes when people tell their stories.

Gemini Ink’s commitment, and my commitment as a teacher of writing and as a writer, is to encourage people everywhere to trust that they have a voice that is valued, and if they have talent, they have an obligation to share it. Fortunately, in this city, I think that’s honored. So that, I think, is what is incubating our literary culture in San Antonio. I am grateful for that.

Nan Cuba

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