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Veronica Prida is an artisan.

This piece ws originally published in the San Antonio Report. The photo is by Al Rendon, the words are by Veronica Prida.


“I work with these girls (the Duchesses of The Order of the Alamo) all the time as they come in for fittings and adjustments. They are very talented, very bright, highly educated. They are at the time of their life when many of them will leave San Antonio for higher education, to broaden their horizons. But most of them will return home, some to work in family businesses.

When they return, they will find that San Antonio has continued to evolve. In recent years, and in the next few years, we’re seeing an even bigger influence from the south, from Mexico. A new generation of Mexican nationals is immigrating to the city. San Antonio has always had a Mexican influence, but much of our traditional Mexican culture is several generations old. This younger generation has other ideas, not like the Mexican influence that has been fostered here. They are opening very trendy businesses, and contributing to San Antonio’s evolution. As the Duchesses return, they will find our blended city has new ideas contributing to its progress.”

Veronica Prida

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