Mi Cultura

“The photographs in this collection result from viewing the world through a particular prism, reflective of the way I grew up with English and Spanish languages, American and Mexican values. You never know when an iconic moment will happen. I was just walking down the street in Guadalajara one day when a beautiful antique car rolled up in front of me and the back door opened to a señorita arriving at her quinciñera – I have to shoot that. I look for the vowels in a picture – the “ah” in a toddler’s portrait, the “eeeee” in a Dia de los Muertos image, the “wow” in a charro tailing a bull. We’re surrounded by incredible events. And we are surrounded by images of La Virgen de Guadalupe. She is a symbol of protection and grace, and a very deeply felt presence in our lives. The images in this collection are the pictures I consider to be the best reflections of mi cultura.”