Mi Tía Lupe spread her hands and smoothed her bed, which is decorated with her namesake, La Virgen, our lady of Guadalupe. I had witnessed this scene all my life. As the youngest in a […]

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  ­ It’s Summer time and with the influx of tourists they often ask where they can go to experience the local flavor of San Antonio. I always send them to Market Square the heart […]

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In midnight privacy, love opens wide. Beyond tongue and tonsil, Tonight’s conversation digests. Assessment feeds her bloodstream To open her inviting glow.

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In 1981, the Fiesta Commission hired me to document several dozen of their official events during the ten days of Fiesta. On my assignment list, the last event on the last day of Fiesta was […]

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By 1987 I had shifted my photographic interests from Rock & Roll to the Conjunto and Tejano bands of my own culture, and was working on photo assignments for several of the regional Tejano record […]

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  Downtown San Antonio in the early 1980s was just starting to become a major tourist destination. El Mercado was transitioning from a Westside farmer’s market into the internationally-renowned Mexican market we know today. People […]

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  Shades of Guadalajara   In 1984, I traveled with Fiesta Commission representatives to Mexico as part of a cultural exchange of festival organizers. I had just started working with the commission a few years […]

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As we gather with family for the holidays, my thoughts turn to my parents, particularly my Dad, Enrique Rendon Sr. I used to travel with him regularly on trips to Nuevo Laredo to visit his […]

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As we age, a man wears his character in deeply etched lines on his face and skin, and in the apparel he chooses. Dignity is a matter of self-acceptance, and clothes can tell a story […]

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By 1982, I had moved into my house in the Mahncke Park neighborhood. I had set up a darkroom and studio in one half of the house, and I lived in the other. I had […]

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