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San Antonio’s Favorite Sons Shape A National Community As a downtowner, I‘ve been a regular patron of El Mirador for many years. You see a lot of familiar faces lunching in our Southtown restaurants. On […]

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Since Led Zepplin recently won their copyright suit to their song “Stairway to Heaven”, it takes me back to their momentous appearance in San Antonio in 1973. My older brother Gerard and his friend Charlie […]

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My first published photograph appears in an overleaf at the front of the 1973 Central Catholic yearbook, The Rattler. It shows George McGovern speaking at a campaign stop at the Alamo just before the 1972 […]

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  “When you find a good path, keep walking” – Al Rendon The route from family photos to your artwork being collected by the National Portrait Gallery is not a direct line. In this phase […]

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