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After 17 years, the gallery closes

Rendon Photography & Fine Arts has closed its last official exhibit. Kathy Vargas was the perfect artist to perform our swan song, because she was one of the first to see the fine art potential in my work, and group shows she curated inspired me to open a gallery of my own. The first gallery was Foto Real in La Villita. Then, 12 years ago, we moved to 733 S. Alamo. We have had a wonderful time, finding and exhibiting photographers and artists from all over the world, including James Sparshatt from England, Natalie Daoust from Canada, and Pedro Aquino from Mexico. We have also featured great Americans like Scott Martin, James Evans, Lynn Goldsmith and the paintings of Davíd Zamora Casas and Joe Sears.

But time marches on, and I have decided to focus the business on my commercial work, and use the gallery walls to display my cultural and conceptual prints. Liz and I wish to extend our deepest gratitude to the many patrons, supporters and friends that sustained our gallery all these years. All of my artwork is available on this website in the Art Series section.

Thanks again – I look forward to seeing you around town as we make our own First Friday rounds.

Al Rendon